Here are some kind words from a selection of our clients and alliances:

"Rob is one of the most positive and experienced investment property advisers I have ever met. Thanks Rob for all your input. Brilliant." 


"Rob is a person that I have no hesitation recommending to anyone that wishes to work with him and or utilise his services and knowledge. He is extremely skilful when assessing what his client's requirements are and finding the right solutions to help them." 


"Being a first time investor, Rob was literally a godsend to me. Unexpectedly I went through torrents of issues just before my settlement date..."

"Not only did he work tirelessly to ensure I was looked after (by liaising with the developers and brokers) so I didn't default on settlement, he went above and beyond his duty of care to calmly listen and talk to me during my darkest times..."

"In the end I was able to get through this unscathed. He is definitely someone I will swear my loyalty to when it comes to sound investment advice and a complete hands on approach throughout the transaction. I look forward to having a life-long professional and personal relationship with him."


"Rob is a well connected deal maker with the right mix of integrity, talent and tenacity. He's a thought leader who understands how to put a deal together that works. I'd be happy to have him working on either side of the negotiating table."


"Rob provides a high level of service to my referred clients and is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise, property investment."


"Robin is a property expert who has made it very easy for my clients wishing to select an appropriate residential investment property. He is highly motivated and a true professional."


"Robin has worked with Clients of mine to create wealth for them through Property Investment. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional and I can recommend his services."


"Rob is a very personable fellow who is clearly an expert in the property field. I felt very comfortable through the entire purchase process due to Rob ensuring that all details were covered off and taking a strategic approach to property investment."

"I have been looking for a suitable property investment partner to provide services to my own clients and I am glad I came across a person of Rob's integrity, knowledge and experience. It means I can recommend clients to him with confidence and know they will be looked after."


"Being a naturally cynical person, Rob had to work hard to earn my trust but now that I know he thrives on hard work, I'm no longer surprised to hear him repeatedly utter "My problem, not yours" whenever I've phoned him with a question during the property acquisition process. Even now after settlement, with his work well and truly over, Rob still rings from time to time to see if we have any concerns or questions. That sort of after-sales care is quite rare in any industry but speaks volumes for the passion that Rob has for his."


"A chivalric gentleman; Rob is as genuine as they come. He is an expert in the property game taking the time to run through the ins and outs with clients, minus the pressure or expectation of a sale. Great business is conducted when both parties come out winners and Rob fits in perfectly in such a model; this is why I endorse and highly recommend doing business with him."


"My clients wanted to start an investment property portfolio, and Rob found two fantastic properties to secure their future. His customer service and dedication are second to none! I look forward to working further together with Rob to help clients build property portfolios."


"Rob has a wealth of knowledge in the property market and his experience shines through when you see the research and due diligence he puts into identifying investment opportunities. One of the many benefits in dealing with Rob is his networks, able to build a team around you to complete the transaction from an idea to beyond settlement. He communicates in a way that is easy to understand and puts you at ease when making big financial decisions. It has been a pleasure to work with Rob and look forward to our future dealings."