To the busy and the uninitiated, building a portfolio of investment property can seem like a huge challenge.

We appreciate that everyone has a busy life and when unexpected issues arise many people put their dreams of owning a portfolio of investment property into the too hard basket.

There are many investors who never get past their first property. A bad experience can thwart their drive and indeed some through lack of, or bad advice, get stuck feeling they are going backwards.

You might have heard stories of investors who paid over the odds, buying property in the wrong locations and in the wrong cycle. Investors who have had to prop up their property with their hard-earned income, money that really should have been used for a quality of life, sadly lost due to bad planning, bad or no advice and in many cases a general lack of knowledge of what they are getting into.

Investors who were promised future performance that a market just couldn’t justify and investors who’ve bought badly built property that required expensive remedial works almost as soon as the builders’ warranty was up.

In short for the less experienced buying property can be a minefield. This can stop potential investors in their tracks; with fear creeping in procrastination takes over, analysis paralysis takes over and their dreams of financial freedom are halted.

All in all, all things we wouldn't wish on anyone. Fear not, our goal is to educate and help you to succeed by tapping into our resources and years of experience.

There are many drivers as to why one would build a property portfolio but fundamentally this is about making the best of the opportunity that we have in life for financial freedom.  We hear some talk of retirement, the annuity from their asset base providing comfort in their later years. For others it could be simply paying off their mortgage debt or the opportunity to help children and family, bestowing the results of their foresight on them.

This all requires a conscious decision to take control of your financial freedom, this mindset helps with the motivation to visualise your goals. We can help you to understand both the opportunities and limitations of your own financial situation, and plan accordingly.

It’s a cycle that we repeat again and again with investors as they look to improve themselves with the growth of their portfolios. Nothing is set in stone, we reassess and reassess again, as the markets evolve and the life plans of the investors we help change.

We are in the risk management business, where property is a by-product of the solution, the solution being wealth creation and that requires management. Done correctly it’s a life’s journey and ultimately financially rewarding.

The result of what we do is that the majority of our clients become repeat investors. We are proud to help them to build their property portfolios and be part of enhancing their individual life journeys.