Under Australian Real Estate Law (which does have its nuances in every state), one thing that is across all territories is the fact that licenced agents are paid by the vendor, in our case the developers we work with.

We go a great deal further that you'd get from your usual licenced agent or project marketer; think of us more like a buyer's agent for new and off-the-plan investment property but unlike a buyer's agent we do not charge you the investor for our services.

We represent all our investors wholeheartedly, in fact we go the extra mile helping them before, during and beyond the transaction. 

Our fees are of course included in the the cost of sale (as expected in a traditional real estate transaction) but due to our strict selection criteria do not include the expensive additions such as full scale display suites, glossy printing and expensive marketing activity that are usually associated with new and off-the-plan sales to the general public.

Very occasionally we may recommend a small selection of properties within a development where this 'project marketing' activity is taking place, in this case you can be assured we have not charged any additional fees. It goes without saying we are always looking at the best outcomes for the investors we help.

We only recommend property that developers are willing to sell, at or below valuation; leaving the valuers to do their due diligence rather than rely on the 'number' from a developer or an over enthusiastic agent, which you will appreciate provides a useful barometer in the proceedings.

We do not receive any commission or kickbacks from anyone we refer our clients business to. If ever available we pass straight on to our clients or with their approval donate it to charity.

Usually half our fee is paid by our vendors on exchange and half our fee on settlement of contracts. Conveniently the law dictates that we are paid in full at settlement. Obviously we don't get paid for anyone who fails to settle, and any fees that night have been paid on exchange would therefore be clawed back.

To date thankfully this has never happened; we rather think if ever there was a case of this it would be resultant on the health of an investor, rather than being unable to fulfil their financial obligations - having been advised the wrong outcome!