After settling his own affairs and rising from the ashes of the global financial crisis of 2007-8, Rob had what he calls ‘his epiphany’ and started Positus after deciding he’d rather be helping investors like himself, than be beholden to the powers that be. 


Robin Stevens

Passionate about property, Rob has extensive experience in property development, investment and marketing across the globe. From a long tenure with one of Australasia’s largest privately-owned developers, Rob’s advantage is a comprehensive understanding of the methodologies that property developers require to execute successful sales strategies, having personally planned and managed project marketing strategies both nationally and internationally resulting in over 2,500 properties sold.

Candidly now Rob calls himself the ‘Poacher turned Gamekeeper” as it is from his well-trodden path that he helps investors to make informed decisions, ensuring they avoid any pitfalls and achieve greater results, through well researched selection criteria and tried and tested risk management planning.


Natalie Stevens

Born in Sydney, Natalie has spent nearly 30 years developing and delivering strategies, achieving exceptional results and enriching her clients with her experience. Not forgetting she’s a wife, mother, home keeper and dog walker; Rob’s backbone to their family life and their business.

The voice of reason, Natalie is a devotee of empowering individuals and families with wealth building plans through 'bona fide' property investment, customised to their individual goals and lifestyles. The aspirations and resulting outcomes that are so important to all of us.

Nat allows us to run a tight ship, ensuring that all our processes and procedures are adhered to, ensuring a client centric and hands on experience throughout.